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Meats and cheeses are the backbones of the American culture. Whether it’s for a BBQ, lunch, or Sunday night family dinners, freshness is the quality you deserve. Lansdale Meats & Deli in the Colonial Village of Lansdale, Pennsylvania, is family-owned and operated. With in-house butchers, spectacular catering services, and an excellent deli on hand, you will feel right at home.

Meats, meats, meats galore! Are you looking for some fresh farm-quality meats? Look no further as our butcher presents the highest caliber steaks, turkey, and ham. Several styles of bologna are available, such as beef and German. Dig into well-prepared lunch meats, including corned beef, Italian roast beef, and slow-roasted pork. We prep most of our meats in-house daily for your satisfaction. There are 31 types of meats to choose to fit your specific palate. Got a hankering for cheese? Lansdale Meats & Deli has you covered. Our special selection of cheeses pairs exceptionally well with our abundance of meats. Whether you want a cheese plate for appetizers or that preferred cheese with your favorite sandwich, we have you covered.

With 16 favorable cheese to choose from, every meal will be tasty. Select the classics such as five types of American cheese, three styles of cheddar, or four classes of Swiss. The specialty cheeses include provolone, Munster, and mozzarella. Are you hosting a big event and need a well-seasoned caterer? The Lansdale Meats & Deli family offers exceptional catering services. Pasta, salads, casseroles, oh my! Order in style for your elegant wedding, birthday, or engagement party. Choose filet mignon with penne ala vodka and sauteed broccoli. Throw an exciting kid’s birthday party, a Halloween shindig, or a themed cosplay. You could have chicken fingers, pulled pork, macaroni & cheese, and rolls. Cater your next office party or meeting with a wrap tray, pepperoni & cheese trap, rolled lunch meat, and caesar salad. With 31 meals to select, your next event will be the talk of the town. Visit our Lansdale Meats & Deli website or call us at (215) 362-3922 for our many deli and catering options. We pride ourselves on the quality of our meats and meals. Here we treat you like family. Our prices are competitive, and we offer deals regularly. Stop by for some flavorful and unique foods. Please allow two days for our catering service after you place your order.

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