Half Pan
serves (10-15)
Full Pan
serves (20-30)
Chicket Marsala: Extra leaned sliced boneless chicken breast in red wine and demi glaze reduction in mushrooms. $39.95 $69.95
Lemon Chicken Piccata: sautéed chicken breast in white wine , lemon & butter sauce with or without capers. $39.95 $69.95
Chicken Italiano: marinated boneless chicken breast topped with red and green peppers in authentic Italian sauce. $39.95 $69.95
Chicken Scampi: thinly sliced boneless chicken breast topped with garlic, white wine and butter sauce. $39.95 $69.95
Breaded Chicken Parmesan: thinly sliced, boneless, breaded chicken breast smothered in our finest cheeses and homemade marinara. $44.95 $74.95
Non-Breaded Chicken Parmesan: thinly sliced, boneless chicken breast smothered in our finest cheeses and homemade marinara. $39.95 $69.95
Homemade Roast Pork: hand carved tender roast pork soaked in homemade au jus. $44.95 $79.95
Homemade Pulled Pork: slow roasted & simmered pork butt,smothered in BBQ Sauce or Natural Au Jus. $44.95 $84.95
Homemade Roast Beef: slow roasted and simmered bottom round lightly seasoned with roasted garlic and peppercorn. $44.95 $84.95
Deli Roast Beef: seasoned and sliced thin with our homemade au jus. $39.95 $69.95
Sausage, Peppers, & Onions: Hatfield Italian brand,mild or hot, in our homemade sauce with peppers and onions. $39.95 $75.95
Homemade Meatballs & Sauce: hand-rolled one ounce angus sirloin served with homemade marinara. $29.95 $54.95
Chicken Fingers: hand breaded chicken tenders. Kids Favorite!!! $34.95 $64.95
Chicken Cutlets: hand breaded and thinly pounded chicken breasts. $39.95 $69.95
Pepperoni & Cheese Tray: your choice of 4 different cheeses, cut into bite size pieces (includes deli mustard). $39.95 $69.95
Honey Baked Ham: thinly sliced Hatfield ham with honey maple brown sugar glaze. $39.95 $69.95
Penne Primavera: fresh broccoli florets, spinach and mushrooms sautéed with fresh garlic & olive oil. ………. $39.95
Penne Ala Vodka (with or without prosciutto): caramelized red onions infused with butter cream, prosciutto, & parmesan cheese. ………. $49.95
Baked Ziti: ziti noodles covered in our homemade marinara and mozzarella and ricotta cheeses baked to perfection. ………. $39.95
Hoagie Tray: build your own 6 ft hoagie sliced into bite size sandwiches. Serves 10-15 people and includes all necessary condiments. (Approximately 36 – 40 bite size pieces) ………. $39.95
Rolled Lunch Meat Tray: your choice of 3 meats and 2 cheeses, Includes 2 dozen rolls, 5 lbs of salad (macaroni, potato, or cole slaw), and all the necessary condiments. ………. $59.95
Wrap Tray: a choice of 3 different wraps; Tomato, Spinach, Wheat & White. Approximately 12 wraps cut in half.Includes all necessary condiments. ………. $44.95

Most Chicken Items can be prepared with Veal for an added charge.

Available sides:

Angel Hair Pasta $14.95
Macaroni & Cheese $14.95
Baked Ziti $19.95
Penne Ala Vodka(w/ or w/o prosciutto) $19.95
Roasted Red Potatoes $19.95
Green Bean Almondine $19.95
Caesar Salad / Garden Salad $29.95
Club Rolls
Half Pan = 2 Dozen
Full Pan = 3 Dozen
* Quarter Pans Available
Upon Request.
* Everything Except Pasta And
Chicken Dishes Come With Rolls.
* If you don’t see something, just ask.
* Tax not included in Price!