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Are you looking for the best meats and cheeses? Do you want to experience a hometown deli in your city? Are you craving the best meats and cheeses in Lansdale? Look no further! Lansdale Meats and Deli in Lansdale, PA, has you covered with a wide selection of deli meats guaranteed to satisfy your craving. What are the best meats and cheeses from Lansdale Meats and Deli?


Best Meats and Cheeses - LansdaleMeats - Lansdale Meats & Deli - Best Meats and Cheeses from Lansdale Meats and Deli

Lansdale Meats and Deli has a good selection of salamis. You can choose between Hard, Genoa, or Hatfield Cooked Salami. Create a divine sandwich for lunch or your next party. Use crispy Italian bread. Then top your salami off with tomatoes, arugula, pepper jack cheese, and a drizzle of olive oil. Your sandwich will be the talk of the table.


Nothing says celebration like a juice ham in the center of your table. Lansdale Meats and Deli has a great selection of ham to choose from. Included: Honey Ham, Tavern Ham, Peppered Ham, Hatfield Boneless Country Style Ham, Hatfield Virginia Baked Ham, Lean Imported Ham, Lean Domestic ham, Store Made Wildberry Ham, Extra Lean Ham Steaks, and fresh cut deli ham. With toasty sourdough bread, spread mayo and mustard lightly on the bread. Add the thinly sliced ham, arugula, tomatoes, red onions, and provolone cheese. This awesome sandwich will leave you delighted.

Other Meat

Lansdale Meats and Deli has an exceptional selection of meats to choose from. They have comprehensive options of chicken, bologna, and turkey. Beef is a hot pick with corned beef and several types of roast beef. Your dinner table or lunchtime sandwich would be fantastic for the whole family. Create a wonderful turkey dinner with all the fixings from Lansdale Meats and Deli.


Choose from 17 delicious kinds of cheese at Lansdale Meats and Deli. Pick up some Horseradish American Cheese, which would pair perfectly with corned or roast beef. Fresh and tasty Muenster Cheese would go great with turkey or ham sandwiches. A variety of sharp cheeses would pair well with chicken or pork sandwiches. You can also choose from a range of American, Imported, or Domestic cheeses. Don’t forget the cheese when you purchase your deli meats.

Stop by Lansdale Meats and Deli at Colonial Village, 1801 N Broad St, Lansdale, PA. Go to their website to shop online for deals of the week. Is a special event coming up? No problem! Lansdale Meats and Deli caters. Call (215) 362-3922. Best small hometown deli experience.

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